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Mental health is an essential part of overall wellbeing. 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health disorder in their lifetime. About 81% of the world's population has encountered with the issues during the past 2 years.
Join Grand Prix to create meaningful mental health solutions.


Together with hundreds of global innovators we create
ground-breaking solutions that address and solve the issues.

02.03.2023 — 04.03.2023


How does it work?

Global experts gather to discuss a selected issue and all participants share their expertise, insights and observations to come up with innovative solutions.

What's the outcome?

Along with the Creators, DŌBRA team review the data with the help of AI tools, and select categories that seem the most promising.

Why should you join?

Share your expertise, ideas and network with like-minded individuals to come up with ground-breaking ideas - it is all about collaboration.



How does it work?

Together with you we combine manual work online with creative techniques and shared insights on our IdeaChain platform, where excellent solutions are born.

What's the outcome?

Together we gather dozens of ground-breaking ideas helping address the global issues and solve them in non-conventional ways.

Why should you join?

Sharing is caring - the principle applies to ideas as well! Join hundreds of experts to share your thoughts and get inspired from one another.

May 2023


How does it work?

We invite cross-industry experts to gather together and validate the feasibility of the concepts created through the joint efforts.

What's the outcome?

The most feasible concepts are chosen and brand-new startup teams are based on them.

Why should you join?

Only a handful of professionals are selected for each Fine-tuning Day. If you have the skills and expertise, submit your application and one of our team members will get in touch to discuss the further steps.


Deep background in Mental health and neuroscience:

Scientists and researchers

Health professionals and practitioners

Analytics and consulters

Strong domain skills:

Engineers and developers (hard and software)

Entrepreneurs, executives, PM and managers

Marketers, PR, advertisement, and social media managers

HR/TA, community builders

Media, influencers

C-suite members, owners and investors

Intersect or even irrelevant topics:

e.g. astrophysics, performing or digital arts, architecture etc. We believe in diversity and are experienced in combining cross-industry teams.


not only for World-being, but for Your well-being too

Get DŌBRA Token for iterations

We believe that sharing expertise and insights should be appreciated. All of our participants can get cash rewards no matter if they want to be involved in future startups or not. 10% of all startup equity is secured for rewards.

Have a blast like the Creator

We engage cross-domain experts from the whole world, use innovative tools, and allow the creative teams to have a blast during the track and beyond. As they all deal with the same issue it creates the intrinsic magic of startup survival.

Turn a hobby into the job you love

Focus on your strengths. DŌBRA team works as a part of the brand new startup teams. All legal and operational tasks will shutting down as well as up to €1.500.000 initial and follow-up funding for 2-3 years. This support is bolstered by partnerships we forge with businesses and noncoms.

Become a deci/decacorn founder

Up to 10 concepts of the Grand Prix will go through the prototyping stage. Up to 5 will receive pre-seed funding, go on developing products, and bring them to the market under the DŌBRA Studio's guidance. Up to 40% equity stake in future startups is secured for their core team.


Background and expertise

While we are not expecting you to be a guru, we expect our participants to bring a few years of experience in the field to bring their insights to the table.


A positive mindset is crucial when trying to turn dreams into reality. We dream about unbelievable big things. The ordinary possible things will come up without our collaboration on Grand Prix.

Social media presence

You will either a LinkedIn or a Twitter account to register on our IdeaChain platform and collaborate with other members. This will also help us ensure your experience and background is used at it’s fullest potential.

Time and dedication

While we don’t expect you to spend the entire day, time and dedication are essential when creating meaningful solutions and ideas. Dedicating half of your day is more than enough!

English skills

While we expect our experts to come from across the globe, the main language we use to communicate with each other is English. However, you can always use a translator or get your friends to help you.


Laptop and reliable internet are necessary to work with our platform.


DŌBRA is a venture builder and obsessed with extraordinary impact. But we know that issue breakthrough require different environments. Invention has historically prospered in labs isolated from market pressures. Whereas competition and consumers drive innovation. We do both: Grand Prix for radical Invention and Studio for impact Innovation.

about DŌBRA


The journey from idea to launch can be very challenging, and many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle to take the first step. This is why initiatives that support ultra-early stage startups are so critical. I am proud to endorse the efforts of the DŌBRA team, who are focused on providing guidance and resources to first-time founders during the crucial early stages of venture capital. Their expertise and commitment to the impact space make them an excellent resource for startups looking to reach their full potential. If you're a first-time founder looking to make a meaningful impact, I highly suggest reaching out to DŌBRA.

Yury Melnichek
Yury Melnichek

Tech entrepreneur, investor of GERO & OneSoil, sold companies to Google & Pinterest

It has been a great pleasure for me to work with the DŌBRA team in previous years. The results-based approach helped us launch hundreds initiatives. Their commitment to creating an impact startup ecosystem is unparalleled. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure the success of the projects they have undertaken

Leonid Lozner
Leonid Lozner

Co-founder of EPAM Systems (S&P 500), physics scientist, angel investor.

How can I enter the DŌBRA Grand Prix?

To enter the DŌBRA Grand Prix, you must first submit a form on Grand Prix page. You will need to choose one of three level of engagement, provide basic information about yourself, as well as a short description of your expertise (not necessarily in mental health). After submitting your application, you will receive an email with guidance according to your chosen level of engagement. Looking forward to seeing you!

What do I need to do to win the DŌBRA Grand Prix?

Grand Prix consists of few stages: Think Tank and Mindshare Day, Co-Creation Day and Fine-tuning Day. During Fine-tuning Day topic and domain experts will evaluate concepts born during previous stages. At the end of Fine-tuning Day we will get up to 10 concepts selected for implementation in the DŌBRA Studio. Creators and participants who will put valid actions and feedback though IdeaChain will be evaluated and selected as winners. Winners will be notified via email, submitted during registration.

What are the prizes for the DŌBRA Grand Prix?

All of our participants can get cash reward whether or not they want to be involved in future startups. 10% of all startups equity at the beggining is secured for rewards based on profit-share legal agreement. This is implemented through token pool rewards scheme. Tokens will be assigned based on productive activity submitted via IdeaChain — the iterations which led directly to the development of the conceptual solutions selected for implementation in the Studio. Yes, we securely log each iteration of each participant on the platform.

However, even more interestingly, all participants get the opportunity to become a part-time paid expert, a member of the core team of future startups, or even a co-founder.

What is the deadline for entering the DŌBRA Grand Prix?

2nd of March for Think Tank broadcast (register is not required).
3rd of March, 2023 for MindShare Day.
10th of March, 2023 for Co-Creation Day.

But keep in mind that the approval process may take one day, so we do not guarantee that you will be able to participate if you register on the last day.
We invite offline attendees of Think Tank and Fine-tune events in person so you could apply for these events till the 24th of February and 10th of March respectively.

How IdeaChain works?

IdeaChain combines human intelligence and few bits of AI and big data. It allows users submit and track data, insights and ideas during Mindshare Day. Co-creation Day will introduce new tools to deliver even more deep and meaningful data points about mental health using different creative approaches and methodologies.