20 – 21 May, 2023
Vilnius, Lithuania, Offline


We’re bringing together 40 mental health, digital tech & start-up industry experts to fine-tune the viability of 14 bold startup ideas based on almost 1000 insights generated during the DÓBRA Grand Prix, and you can be one of them.

Having ideation and pre-validation steps behind, we look forward to building brand new teams and launching startups! The result is a bunch of groundbreaking mockups of mental health tech startups, and the opportunity for subsequent involvement as a mentor, advisor, investor, teammate or even co-founder (optional).


We are open to the co-founders with diverse backgrounds. Anyway we believe that the following experience will help you to succeed in this journey:

Entrepreneurs / Chief Executives

Who will take ownership and bring mental health solutions to market

- Being familiar with a startup ecosystem, new trends, technologies and market opportunities

- Extensive experience in product management with a track record of successful product launches and the ability to translate insights into actionable product strategies

- Entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for innovation and improving mental health

Get ready to:

- Take ownership and responsibility for a startup, delivering results and driving success

- Bring your excellent business and product development skills

- Be in inspirational leader, to build and manage the team — from hiring top-tier talent, to setting clear expectations and goals, to navigating conflicts and challenges

Tech Experts

Who will be responsible for leading the development of our mental health startups, ensuring they are secure, reliable, and scalable

- Strong hands-on technical background with experience in a diverse range of technologies, including web development, mobile development, database management, cloud computing etc.

- Ability to understand and evaluate the technical feasibility of various projects and provide guidance to the development team

- Ability to communicate complex technical information to non-technical stakeholders

Get ready to:

- Drive tech innovation and stay up-to-date with industry trends and emerging technologies

- Develop and implement a technical strategy for the startups that aligns with the overall business objectives

- Identify opportunities for innovation and growth and develop a roadmap

Mental Health Experts

Who will be responsible for guiding the development of our startups, providing them with the support and expertise they need to succeed

- Degree in psychology, counseling, or a related field

- Experience in the mental health industry, with a focus on addressing the specific challenges described in the mental health concepts that the Studio’s working on

- Experience working with diverse groups of people, including but not limited to individuals from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds

- Ability to present complex information in a clear and concise manner

Get ready to:

- Provide expert guidance and strategic insights on mental health concepts ensuring that they meet the needs of their target audience and are backed by evidence-based research

- Work alongside business and tech experts to drive the success of our mental health startups

Our goal is to launch a successful startup bringing a meaningful mental health solution to the market.



During the co-creation stage, we’ve got almost 1000 insights from hundreds of enthusiasts and wrapped them in 98 different conceptual solutions that turned into 14 finalists that we’ll be fine-tuning during the event and continue to develop further.

Concept #1

Automated personalised stress assessment

Concept #2

AI-powered assistant for mental health first aid and prevention issues

Concept #3

Diary for daily dream tracking to explore subconscious mind, feelings around stress and uncover emotional issues

Concept #4

AI counsellor for parents about children's mental health and behaviour

Concept #5

AI consultant that provides tailored food recommendations to enhance your mood

Concept #6

Job loss mitigation personal adviser

Concept #7

AI-powered tool for objectively measuring mental workload at workplaces

Concept #8

AI-counsellor designed to mitigate the impact of trauma caused by loss

Concept #9

Deep fake negotiations with authoritative person

Concept #10

Mental tinder for talking to people with similar issues about mental health problems or difficulties

Concept #11

Personal AI copy of yourself to support yourself

Concept #12

Alternative life scenario simulator

Concept #13

Scary situation / life challenges simulator to teach people how to handle with it in proper way

Concept #14

AI-powered tool to provide hints on how to support peers in difficult life situations


1. Multitude flexibility

It’s your choice where on Earth and when to work. We expect you to be involved on a daily basis, but you manage your time work by yourself. We are fine with a part-time engagement, which makes this opportunity great for leaders who don’t want to quit their current jobs, but have enough time and willingness to join a startup in a Co-founder role.

There is also a flexibility to touch and contribute to different mental health concepts before being dedicated to one of them.

2. Collaboration with experienced advisors/mentors and partners on demand

Domain experts, non-profits, academia, media and businesses etc. At DÓBRA you will work with cool and exciting challenges. Even more — you will have the opportunity to define these challenges by yourself in many ways, leveraging your creativity and problem-solving skills to develop innovative solutions. If you need collaboration or assistance from other experts to tackle a specific challenge, we will find and connect you with the right people.

3. Studio infrastructure — everything under one roof

The project will develop faster, as it’s created into an already-existing infrastructure (legal entities, activities in different countries) and services (from Talent Acquisition and resources scouting to development and legal). The issue of fundraising is resolved, too. All projects go through the same stages/problems, and the studio has accumulated knowledge and experience on how to pass these stages faster. As they all deal with the same issue it creates the intrinsic magic of startup survival.


Submit your Fine-Tuning Days application and a member of our team will be in touch shortly


We are a Lithuanian venture studio with a strong focus on impact.

Since 2013, we have been involved in the implementation or were a lead partner of 440 impact startups and projects. Positive experiences and joint projects with global companies, global NGOs, European Commission programmes and high net worth individuals encourage DÓBRA Team to go further.

DÓBRA is a member of the Lithuanian startup ecosystem.


The journey from idea to launch can be very challenging, and many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle to take the first step. This is why initiatives that support ultra-early stage startups are so critical. I am proud to endorse the efforts of the DÓBRA team, who are focused on providing guidance and resources to first-time founders during the crucial early stages of venture capital. Their expertise and commitment to the impact space make them an excellent resource for startups looking to reach their full potential. If you're a first-time founder looking to make a meaningful impact, I highly suggest reaching out to DÓBRA.

Yury Melnichek
Yury Melnichek

Tech entrepreneur, investor of GERO & OneSoil, sold companies to Google & Pinterest

It has been a great pleasure for me to work with the DÓBRA team in previous years. The results-based approach helped us launch hundreds initiatives. Their commitment to creating an impact startup ecosystem is unparalleled. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure the success of the projects they have undertaken

Leonid Lozner
Leonid Lozner

Co-founder of EPAM Systems (S&P 500), physics scientist, angel investor.