On 10 March at 9.00 EET we’ll open access to the DOBRA Grand Prix Co-Creation activity. Subscribe to be notified.

IdeaChain is DÓBRA’s brand-new idea generation platform, allowing researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and any other creators to collaborate and get rewarded for helping create meaningful mental health and well-being solutions – all in one place!

Whether you are an expert on the subject of mental health or wellbeing, or just an amateur, you will be able to contribute to already created ideas or add your own using creative approaches and techniques.

Why join IdeaChain?

Get rewarded

All of our participants can get cash rewards no matter if they want to be involved in future startups or not

Become a co-founder

For those heavily involved in the process, we are happy to talk to you about​​ moving forward with you becoming a core member of newly formed startups

Have a blast

We engage cross-domain experts from the whole world, and use innovative tools to help with ideation processes

Any input matters

See how your ideas come to life: up to 10 created mental health solution concepts will go through to prototyping stage